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The Pain of Social Rejection: As far as the brain is concerned, a broken heart may not be so different from a broken arm.

Foul-Mouthed Characters in Teen Books Have It All

submission policy

Submission Policy

Thank you for your interest in writing for Mom Psych. Article submissions from qualified experts are welcomed. Although we don't pay for articles, we offer our contributors a unique exchange of services as outlined below.

Qualifications: We ask that our writers hold a master's degree (at minimum) for most topic areas. In some circumstances other credentials or certifications may suffice.

Please tell us about your idea before investing your valuable time in an article that may not fit our approach. To do this, send a short query paragraph that summarizes the subject. It should also explain why it will be appreciated by our audience and why you are a good candidate to write about it.

Mom Psych's Approach: Mom Psych is dedicated to presenting quality academic research in terms that make it accessible to the general public without sacrificing its nuances and complexity.

Word Count and Readability: Avoid lengthy articles unless the topic can't be adequately addressed otherwise. Counts of 800-1,000 words are preferred but exceptions may occasionally be made as per the writers' guidelines that will be provided when a query has been accepted. Please consider whether complex topics can be addressed as a series of articles. Also, our readers may not be familiar with specialized academic jargon. Whenever possible use laymen's terms; if this cannot be done without sacrificing accuracy, please include a phrase or two that explains the meaning of technical terms the first time they are used in the text.

Citation Style: Mom Psych's standard is the Chicago Manual of Style. However, APA or MLA citation's are handy for fact-checking purposes. Although academic-style citations will be removed before publishing online, our fact-checking process requires review of sources. This is what keeps Mom Psych from morphing into pop-psych.

Poems and Personal Stories: We don't publish poems or first-person accounts in our article pages but we may consider including them in one of our blogs if the item is relevant to a recent post. Simply comment on the blog post that relates to your experience and tell us how your poem or short piece connects to our topic. If it strikes a chord, we may feature it in a subsequent post.

Exchange of Services

We will put our social media and search engine optimization (SEO) skills to work in promoting your research, books, and other important field-related projects. PhDs, PsyDs, EdDs and licensed professionals who write for Mom Psych are entitled to an individual profile page that includes (but is not limited to) the following:

Profile pages may contain up to 50 author-chosen links to qualified off-site entities.

In addition, Mom Psych's marketing team will optimize your profile page for search engines and promote it through our social media channels.

The added value, of course, is the satisfaction we all receive from helping policy-makers and the public better understand the implications of academic research. Thank you very much for the important part you all play in working toward this audacious goal.


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