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Understanding Children of Special Needs

Special Needs Child Series

Taulbee has developed the Special Needs Child Series, a training program for educators. He is also available for lectures and inspirational speaking for parents of special needs children.

Jack Taulbee

Jack Taulbee, Ed.M., M.A.

Jack Taulbee's master's degrees are in Special Education and Leadership Studies.

His own experience with very early onset of ADHD, Tourette Syndrome  and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) gives him unique insight toward interpreting the existing research that focuses on the special needs of children with neurological disorders and learning disabilities.

Today Jack supports the families of Special Needs Children by helping them find the keys to creating a successful life for their child. As a professional speaker, author, educator and trainer, Taulbee has developed the Special Needs Child Series, a training program for educators.

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Publications and Workshops

Understanding Children of Special Needs

Jack’s new  Special Needs Child Radio Series will offer hope for a better life for the special needs child by providing current information and supportive resources to parents and families

The Special Needs Child Series

The Special Needs Child Series was developed by Jack through lectures, workshops, and publications for the sole purpose of helping educators and other professionals understand the special needs child from the inside out. Taulbee shares the emotional struggles that children with neurological disorders face in their daily lives. He aligns himself with the child to help educators identify with the child's perception of the world in which he lives, contributing to classroom behavior management and allowing for more teaching time and improved test scores.



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